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Message to my hero, KADDY!!! Empty Message to my hero, KADDY!!!

Post  kd5ob on Mon Jan 14, 2013 7:42 pm

Clearly, the problem with Linux reviews is nobody does them honestly, that is except for Kaddy from Perth, Australia.
And I just love the guy and his way of doing things. And I hate liars and Kaddy isn't one of them.

Dear Kaddy,

First of all, love your show/videos and hope that your not suffering from the heat down there too bad.
Last summer 1/2 of Oklahoma burned to the ground, we lost all the trees here and much farmland, so,
I know man. I know.. Freakin...

Listen Kaddy, I've fallen in love with an OS here. It's Linux Mint 14 KDE edtion. I put this thing on as soon as it came
out and I just can't leave it man. I used to switch OS's about every other week but, this one I just can't let go of...
So, know your probably not doing to do a review on this one, cause everyone else has already done it, but hey,
how about Linux Mint 15 KDE edition?? Would you be the first one to do a review on that one Kaddy when it comes out?
Also, tomorrow is the big Fedora 18 release. I'm going to download that DVD and do at least a spin on it.
What do yo think Kaddy. Should we have a look at Fedora 18? I think it might be interesting...

Cheers my friend,, ALWAYS!!!


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Message to my hero, KADDY!!! Empty Re: Message to my hero, KADDY!!!

Post  kaddy on Wed May 15, 2013 7:24 pm

g'day Charlie

Heat? haha narrr mate... it's Winter... freaking cold Smile

"Last summer 1/2 of Oklahoma burned to the ground"

Holey Shit... crazyness!

Sure... I can do a review of Mint 15 Kde... been a while... dunno if i'll be the first though haha

Oh Fedora 18 out 2moro, freaking niceeeeeeeeeeeee... I'll review the Kde or Xfce version likely... i'll give it a good testing for a few days first...

What do I think? I think you should download that fucking Fedora 18 Dvd and give it a spin... dunno if Fedora is up your ally or not... they don't go out of their way to give a friendly user experience... but it's a beast when you got it setup. The Fedora devs know how to build a fucking Distro... LOL

cheers m8



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