Moving hardware from old/original case to new case.

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Moving hardware from old/original case to new case.

Post  P123 on Tue Oct 25, 2011 8:13 am

I have a HP Compaq dc7600 Small Form Factor & recently bought a "Cooler Master RC-430-KWN1 Elite 430 Midi Tower with Window - Black" from Amazon UK.

I was wondering what are things I should bear in mind when transferring parts from the old case to the new one? I have never done a project like this before. I have already upgraded the hard drive from 80Gb to 1Tb & the RAM from 2 x 512Mb sticks to 4 x 1Gb sticks.

Should I upgrade the PSU now or wait?

I have 2 x 80mm fans bought ages ago (the holes do not line up properly for the old case) & the new case came with one (at the front). Where would the best place to position these? I also have a "Palit Geforce 8400GS Super / 512MB Graphics Card" (does not fit into the old case) how much will this affect the positioning of the fans?

The new case is meant to be "Tool less" but the instruction suggest I may need a screwdriver. Could I get away with using a magnetically tipped screwdriver - I think not but what do you?

If you have any hardware suggestions please bear in mind that, because I live in a rural part of Northern Ireland there are few computer shops & those that are locally only sell over priced "beige boxes". Therefore I will be buying from UK websites.


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