xdg-open: Open files/url in preferred application.

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xdg-open: Open files/url in preferred application.

Post  *********** on Tue Jul 19, 2011 3:51 am

TECHIES, TREKKIES, HACKERS AND SLACKERS!!!!!. Another wee one for you (now stop it!!!!). This is a command that will open up a file/url in the users preferred application. For example: xdg-open 'http://www.ss64.com/', will open up, in my case firefox, and xdg-open /tmp/foxtrot_the_cat.png will open my file in kwrite. Now you can't use this as root, but i think it will come in handy if your doing something in the terminal and you want to use something quicker to save time. TTFN KIDS!!!!!!! Very Happy


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