TurboYUM: EasyUrpmi for Fedora

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TurboYUM: EasyUrpmi for Fedora Empty TurboYUM: EasyUrpmi for Fedora

Post  Jmlevick on Wed Jun 22, 2011 11:38 pm

Hello to Everyone:

With this post I want to share with you the last proyect I worked on: TurboYUM.

TurboYUM is an Online Tool for Automatic Repo Setup in Fedora Linux, just as "EasyUrpmi"
For Mandriva.

The thing is, Ubuntu has "Ubuntu Tweak" and it's PPA's, OpenSUSE has YasT for Repositories
Configuration and Mandriva has EasyUrpmi. I was thinking about it and I felt that we needed
a simple friendly tool intended to let fedora users add some extra repos with a few clicks
and not with long command line orders, some people told me it was a great idea and here
it is Smile

With TurboYUM, users can add "with one shot" the following repos in their Fedora Systems:

- RPMFusion Free & Non Free
- Adobe
- Livna
- Chromium
- KDE Redhat (in case they use KDE)

No matter what desktop or arch they're using. TurboYUM it's obviously opensource
and free for anyone who wants to use it, besides both the scripts and the web interface
are available in English & Spanish. Check it out at:


And if you like it, help me to spread the word.

Have a Nice Day!


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