All about Windows and why it sucks

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Re: All about Windows and why it sucks

Post  Dielan on Tue Apr 24, 2012 12:44 pm

I used to run Windows on my laptop (primary machine and came with W7) and Linux on my Netbook. However somewhere down the line it just wasn't worth it to keep windows. The only thing windows on my laptop did for me that Linux couldn't do (as easily anyway) was play games like Dawn of War (the original, I still play it haha) and CnC Kane's Wrath. However the ammount of time I spend playing Minecraft makes all other games look like I don't play them at all. After switching to Linux, and distro hopping a little bit I settled on Mint 12 GNOME edition and I actually get more performance out of minecraft than I did on windows. I'm assuming it's because of how much of a resource hog windows is, and the fact that I was running other apps at the same time.


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