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Post  kenshin on Sun Sep 08, 2013 9:06 pm

Q: In the Gamescom demo crusader scene, the character is 32, and not to the full level, but we found a role can start Nephalem courage, direct overlay, this is a new change?

Josh: This is a good observation. We want players to experience when at Gamescom experiment, the normal role of the player during the upgrade if you have the Niephalem courage help players feel would be how? At present this has not been finalized, still in development.
Although the operation now looks good, but also worried that if the opening 60 of the following roles can use Niephalem Courage, may affect the player to pursue the full level of accomplishment, so it is the concept of the experiment, if the players are positive feedback words, the player's opinion will help them decide whether to implement the final.
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