LMDE Service Pack 6 announced 12-07-12 Well, testing anyway....

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LMDE Service Pack 6 announced 12-07-12  Well, testing anyway.... Empty LMDE Service Pack 6 announced 12-07-12 Well, testing anyway....

Post  kd5ob on Wed Dec 12, 2012 4:50 pm

I've got this new I7 Ivy Bridge processor I've just bought here. IBM Lenova G780 and I was having some freezing problems with the
Kernel using Debian Wheezy under Crunchbang Waldorf a 3.2 kernel....

We've done some legwork on this random freezing issue and IVY BRIDGE processor equipped systems under 3.2 kernels.

(Link deleted because of some stupid forum rule)

Anyway, upgrading to the 3.6 kernel or just running LINUX MINT 14.1 with it's 3.5 kernel has solved this problem.
It would happen under Slackware 14 with his 3.2.29 kernel as well as stock Wheezy.... It's a bugger.

Anyway, I see Clem is getting ready to release LMDE service pack 6 over on the LMDE forums..
(Link deleted because of some stupid forum rule)

And I noticed as my heart stopped that he's throwing out a 3.2 kernel with it....

Now, I don't want you to take my post as bitching or that I'm angry but,,,,, LMDE is supposed to be a little bit better than just debian stable
and it seems to me it's tied with Wheezy as it's based on TESTING as they say in the introduction of LMDE... And so, I guess if I'm going to use
this I'm going to have to use the (Link deleted because of some stupid forum rule) smxi kernel upgrade to 3.6.10 and hopefully that will work but,,,,,,, why didn't they just do this at LMDE....

SIDUCTION's latest release already has the 3.6.10 kernel in it. LMDE should be more like SIDUCTION I think only nicer...
Just a comment I needed to make.....

Also, I feel that the same desktop features found in Linux Mint 14.1 should be offered in LMDE with this next service pack, I HOPE... Particularly the ability to select
which audio device you want to use, EASILY, as with Linux Mint 14.1..... I hope this get's a complete revamp and review by Kaddy ASAP when it comes out...

I've been able to run my audio any way I want it as of Crunchbang Waldorf which is based in Wheezy for several months. I certainly hope LMDE which is supposed to be
based on Debian Testing at least offers the same convenience that we have been having with Wheezy already for MONTHS....

I would like to see, finally offered in LMDE, the same features of Cinnamon commonly found in Linux Mint 14.1.

And I must make the comment that LMDE must be something better than just Debian testing. Otherwise, just use Debian testing yourself and add the
Cinnamon repos and you will get that modern desktop I was just bitching about.... I don't get it...

The IDEAL LMDE in my humble opinion would be the one which more closely resembled SID or SIDUCTION underneath than the reported Debian Testing...

Being a Ubuntu 12.10 hater, and seeing that Ubuntu 12.10 is a total piece of crap, I'm surprised and pleased that Clem managed to scrape together the appropriate
droppings from that mess into Linux Mint 14.1. Shocked actually.

And I can see the need for LMDE to stand on it's own two feet and become a nice SIDUCTION replacement within the next year I HOPE as I feel that Ubuntu will
be his downfall, probably with 13.04 and 13.10 as the people up in Ubuntu only give a crap about that stinking Unity desktop and they are letting the meat and flesh of
their debian runaway turn to a ranking pile of shit,,, QUICKLY.....

It's either that or unlike what Kaddy said, "to base Linux Mint on the stable LTS 12.04 like branches",,, rather, if you can't make LMDE into a super rolling release
than make Linux Mint itself into a rolling release and take over the Ubuntu repos himself and just walk away from Mark Shuttleworth... That is to say, I want a good
rolling release out of one of them, LMDE or Linux Mint.

While I respect Kaddy's, comment about basing Linux Mint only on LTS, that would make Linux Mint quite dated very quickly and cause a loss of interest toward Arch based
disto's I'm afraid...

And so I will close this post and leave others to reply... I am totally fed up with Ubuntu and their bullcrap and Gnome as well.
If things don't change here in the next year, I will RETURN to gentoo which is where I believe Kaddy is or has gone now...

Seriously, cloning Debian Testing for LMDE just doesn't make sense as you can just run it yourself.
And cloning Ubuntu is just f'ing shit people. I think that's the best way I can put it...


Charlie Ebert
Oklahoma, U.S.A.


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